Wednesday, October 15, 2008


“Foreign Currency Exchangeable Bond” means a bond expressed in foreign currency, the principal and interest in respect of which is payable in foreign currency, issued by an Issuing Company and subscribed to by a person who is a resident outside India, in foreign currency and exchangeable into equity share of another company, to be called the Offered Company, in any manner, either wholly, or partly or on the basis of any equity related warrants attached to debt instruments. The FCEB may be denominated in any freely convertible Foreign currency.

  • Eligible Issuer: The Issuing Company shall be part of the promoter group of the Offered Company and shall hold the equity share/s being offered at the time of issuance of FCEB.
  • Offered Company: The Offered Company shall be a listed company, which is engaged in a sector eligible to receive Foreign Direct Investment and eligible to issue or avail of Foreign Currency Convertible Bond (FCCB) or External Commercial Borrowings (ECB).
  • Entities not eligible to issue FCEB: An Indian company, which is not eligible to raise Funds from the Indian securities market, including a company which has been restrained from accessing the securities market by the SEBI shall not be eligible to issue FCEB.
  • End-use of FCEB proceeds:
  • Issuing Company: (i) The proceeds of FCEB may be invested by the issuing company overseas by way of direct investment including in Joint Ventures or Wholly Owned Subsidiaries abroad, subject to the existing guidelines on overseas investment in Joint Ventures / Wholly Owned Subsidiaries.
  • The proceeds of FCEB may be invested by the issuing company in the promoter group companies.
  •  Promoter Group Companies: Promoter Group Companies receiving investments out of the FCEB proceeds may utilize the amount in accordance with end-uses prescribed under the ECB policy.
  • End-uses not permitted : The promoter group company receiving such investments will not be permitted to utilise the proceeds for investments in the capital market or in real estate in India
  •  Average Maturity: Minimum maturity of FCEB shall be five years. The exchange option can be exercised at any time before redemption. While exercising the exchange option, the holder of the FCEB shall take delivery of the offered shares. Cash (Net) settlement of FCEB shall not be permissible.
  • Parking of FCEB proceeds abroad: The proceeds of FCEB shall be retained and / or deployed overseas by the issuing / promoter group companies in accordance with the policy for the ECB. There are also condition of all-in-cost ceiling, issue pricing etc.


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