Thursday, October 15, 2009


The profession of chartered accountants is facing new challenges as well as larger opportunities. The course curriculum of the Institute has been revised continuously to cater to the changing needs of industrial and service sector as well as potential clientele. The education delivery system of the Institute is further required to be geared up to provide for high quality and low cost structured class room education to students of chartered accountancy. It is not only important to provide detailed classroom teaching at the CA Intermediate level (PCC/IPCC) as well as at the Final level, it is all the more important to provide for the effective class-room education to build capable professionals, duly equipped with communication, presentation and professional skills. The class-room education is to be supplemented by practical case study, group working, group discussion and effective monitoring of practical training being provided to the students of chartered accountancy. It is very important to bring forth a high level of quality education and training across India to all sections of students undergoing training in large, medium and small chartered accountant firms. The class-room education can be provided on the platform of the Institute, may be held on Saturdays and Sundays, to improve real competitive edge of the chartered accountants over other professions and to inculcate skills to develop management skills and entrepreneurial skills among st CA profession. In the process support to the students in mufussil towns will be inevitable and important. Lot of migration to big cities
happens only because of opportunities of class room education available there. Why the students leave the coziness of their homes at the young age and take unwarranted stress amidst the anxiety of big city life. Time to rethink.


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