Saturday, August 14, 2010


The Government of India and the Delhi Government have undertaken significant developmental work all around Delhi. The various initiatives undertaken by the Government are laudable. The speed and energy with which the work is being carried out now should have been undertaken about a year
ago so that the current tension, pressure, compromise on quality, compromise on procedure and the current state of affairs in which almost all around Delhi is dug up, could have been avoided. There are very serious allegations of impropriety, compromise on mandatory and material procedure. The whole process of incurring expenses, placing orders and ensuring timely and quality delivery has been non- transparent. It is very important to ensure that a detailed investigative audit is undertaken by a panel of auditors appointed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) to investigate into the affairs of the Commonwealth Organizing Committee. It is also very important to state that a similar investigation is necessary in respect of various expenses incurred and projects undertaken by Delhi Government as well as Municipal Corporation of Delhi. There are serious allegations of undertaking projects which were not required, awarding contracts at very high cost and compromise on quality and delivery. It is very important for the Government of India, Delhi Government , NDMC, DDA and Municipal Corporation of Delhi to come out with detailed disclosure about all the orders placed, procedure adopted and the cost paid by them for various activities, goods and services, so that the entire truth can come before the public. The ICAI panel can assist and support the exercise being undertaken by CAG. The scope, coverage and reporting requirements of investigative audit should be determined in  consultation with ICAI to enable speedy transparency. The profession of Chartered Accountants is committed to eradicate corruption and to establish the principles of excellence, independence and integrity. The profession will support to all the positive endeavor of the Government in this regard to enable India to be among 3 largest economies of the world very soon.


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