Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Indian Chartered Accountant Firms, led by energetic, highly efficient and effective chartered
accountants have taken on a new challenge to vitalize and establish the supremacy of Indian CA Firms in the profession of chartered accountancy. A large number of penalties and prosecutions against almost all large foreign multinational accounting firms by American and European governments and regulators have created a different impression in the mind of banks, merchant bankers, investment bankers, mutual funds, private equity funds and various large investors that dealing with such multinational firms may no longer provide credit ability purpose. A large number of the aforesaid entities including large multi- national companies have come to realize that Indian chartered accountant firms are not only more reliable,  efficient and effective but are also more committed to provide professional services in the most desired manner.

The Indian chartered accountant firms have committed themselves to transparency, true and fair disclosure; better tax compliance and most importantly they are committed to ensure maximization of shareholders wealth and investors protection. The Indian Chartered Accountant Firms have come to realize that the potential of practicing professional chartered accountant firms have increased significantly in last 2 decades and about 200 large Indian firms are taking shape to enable them to provide all kinds of services needed by their national and international clients in a very professional, efficient and effective manner. On the other hand highly specialized smaller Indian firms are providing services to small and mid size corporate. An appropriate counseling may be provided to them to enable them to blossom and get full benefit of Growth. ICAI, Government and regulators should come forward to support young energetic and talented CAs


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