Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Review of Offer for Sale (OFS) of Shares through Stock Exchange Mechanism

These guidelines have been modified based on the representation/suggestion received from
various stakeholders from time to time. The retail investors shall bid on T+ 1 day and they may place a price bid or opt for bidding at cut off price. The seller shall make appropriate disclosures in this regard in the OFS notice. Unsubscribed portion of the shares reserved for  retail investors shall be allocated to non-retail bidders (un-allotted bidders on T day who choose to carry forward their bid on T+1 day) on T+1 day at a price equal to cut off price or higher as per the bids. In this regard, option shall be provided to such non-retail bidders to indicate their willingness to carry forward their bids to
T+1 day. If the non-retail bidders choose to carry forward their bids to T+1 day, then, they may be permitted to revise such bids. Settlement for such bids shall take place on T+3 day.


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