Saturday, February 14, 2009


It has been decided to amend certain clauses in the Equity Listing Agreement to enhance disclosures regarding shareholding of promoters and promoter group.

Amendment to Clause 35

The format for reporting the shareholding pattern contains six parts. The first two parts viz. Part I(a) and I(b) contains disclosures of shareholding of promoter and promoters group. Part I(a) and I(b) of the format are required to be amended to include details of shares pledged by promoters and promoter group entities,

Amendments to Clause 41

The format for submitting the quarterly financial result of the company, is required to be modified to include details of promoters and promoter group shareholding including the details of pledged shares,


  • The revision in the formats under clause 35 and 41 of Equity Listing Agreement as specified in the annexure shall come into force with immediate effect.
  • The reporting as per the revised formats under clause 35 and 41 shall start from the quarter ending March 31, 2009.
  • The report for quarter ending March 2009, June 2009, September 2009 and December 2009 under Clause 41, may not contain details of pledged shares for the corresponding quarter of the previous year.


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