Saturday, February 14, 2009


The Commissioner (ST), in the Ministry of Finance clarifies as follows:

The matter regarding levy of service tax under the head 'Business Auxiliary Service' on the 'Commission' received by the Directors of the company has been examined. The Board is of the view that some companies make payment to their officials, such as Managing Directors/Directors, terming
the same as 'Commissions'. This payment may be over and above the salary and other remunerations. Such commissions may be either performance linked or linked to the financial results of the company, but the fact is that it is nothing but remuneration paid to an employee by the employer. The relationship between an employee and the employer is distinct from the relationship between a service receiver and service provider. Thus action taken by an employee for the benefit of the employer cannot be in the nature of service. Therefore, so long as the activities performed are duties
within the framework of the terms of employment, the amount paid by an employer to an employee, even if it is termed as commission, would not be treated as 'commission' mentioned under the definition of business auxiliary service and service tax would not be leviable on such amount  In view of the above clarification, pending issues may be resolved in line with the above.


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