Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Major Threat - Inclusive Economic NAXALISM Growth is Solution

The Naxalim is growing not only in Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Manipur and West Bengal but also in Bihar, U.P. and Punjab. The challenge of Naxalism is more deeper and has to be addressed on a top priority even as compared to the problem of drug or terrorism. The impact of naxalism is deep and widespread among the youths and the landless farmers who are in needy besides tribal community.
India has grown economically very significantly and the pace of growth has taken momentum. The crores have been replaced by the bullion for businesses and service sector. The mine workers and the intelligentsia have also grown in its economic stature and is in a commending position now. The politicians, doctors, engineers, chartered accountants, scientists, lawyers, teachers, economists and all other professions have grown from strength to strength both economically as well as strengthening their roles in the society. On the other hand, the hand-workers, poor farmers, craftsmen, fitters, carpenters, plumbers, drivers, peons, labours and other artisans of the society who depend on the manual skill and labour for their livelihood have not got their rightful share in the growth the economy, business, income and wealth. The mine owners have become wealthy whereas the mine workers, and the people living around the mines have not gained adequate shares out of the same. It is important for all of us and specially the leadership of India, business leaders and professionals to plan and promote the economic affairs in a manner that the benefit of the economic growth is percolated down to the lowest run of the society. We need to ensure that every Indian should have a proper home, reasonable good employment, adequate food, nutrition, medical support and education.
The gap in the society should not be too wide. While on the other hand we all to work as capitalist society towards growth of business, industry, service sector and agriculture at the same time we need to ensure that the growth is shared in a reasonable proportion at all levels. We will not only kill the problem of Naxalism but India will also grow and prosper as world's most developed economy, with inclusive growth.


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