Friday, April 15, 2011


The profession of chartered accountants has committed to eradicate corruption from our social, economic and commercial system. The menace of corruption is becoming larger and larger in our
system and off late very serious charges of corruption at highest level are being examined by the investigating agencies. The size and nature of corruption has broken all previous records and the greed of corrupt is surmounting day by day. Not only at the level of babus, inspectors, junior engineers, SDO's, chief engineers, administration officers but also at higher and highest level of bureaucracy, corruption is getting so deep rooted that eradication of corruption is possible by a national movement with a complete commitment of the public at large, senior politicians, bureaucrats and of course most importantly the social activists.

Lokpal Bill :

The recent agitation at Jantar Mantar followed by constitution of a Committee consisting 5 Cabinet Ministers and 5 Representatives of a particular group has been mandated to complete the drafting of a New Lokpal Bill by 30th June, 2011. This Bill will be subjected to critical analysis by all sections of Society and if implemented in an effective manner will create a framework of prosecution of the corrupts persons at all levels.

Prosecution Not Enough :

It is important to prosecute the corrupt individuals at all levels, and punished them very severely including confiscation of assets of such person and their family It will not be enough to eradicate corruption from our political, economic commercial system just by prosecuting corrupt.

National Movement :

It is very important for the country to be led by a national movement against corruption so that corrupts are seen with great disrespect by the society and the current position of achieving esteem and stature, only with a barometer of wealth, have to be replaced by hatred and disapproval.

System Change :

To eradicate corruption it will be very important to ensure that the human intervention in processing various government applications, processes and approvals are replaced by automatic processes The interaction of assessees with the tax department is needed to be done away with and be replaced by electronic questioning where the identity of the officers raising questions is kept confidential and secret. The various officers of the government should be mandated to take decision on each matter in a time bound manner and without one to one personal interaction. All the process of the government including tendering, award of contracts, policy proposals, processing of applications are to be made completely transparent.

The criteria and norms for determining for allocation of licenses or for other similar purposes.
For example, telecom licenses, licenses for bank, allocation of particular assignments or contracts,
wherein net worth, experience or other technical and financial criteria are kept, which are many
times drafted to suit to certain specific parties. This is major source of breeding corruption. Every
government officials as well as the policy documents or tender documents and similar other papers prescribing for such requirements should be subjected to review by an independent judicial authority and any member of the public should be allowed to get the same examined at any time. The judicial authority should have vast powers similar to High Courts and national level judicial authorities' decision should also be subjected to review by Supreme Court. We invite suggestions from members of this great profession on specific aspects, where according to them corruption can be eradicated by change in systems and procedures, to enable us to take up the matter with appropriate authorities.


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