Saturday, August 13, 2011


The Chinese economy has been growing very rapidly over last several years. The infrastructure, roads, ports, airports, power, manufacturing and most of the other industrial activities have been growing very rapidly. China has given a tough competition to the world by supplying very low cost
commodities and manufactured products at unimaginably low prices. The quality of Chinese goods in certain cases has been a matter of concern.China has been able to provide all types of quality and in some cases their quality as well as price has surprised most of the international players. The detailed facts and figures of Chinese economic development and the real source from which such a huge funding was sourced to ensure such a rapid growth has been a matter of surprise and apprehension for all international intellectuals. The Chinese economy, of-late, during last few month have started giving a feeling to those who are dealing with the Chinese Companies that something very unusual or
unexpected is cooking up and also those who are individual businessman have started taking Chinese commitments and economic position with a pinch of salt. It is understood that a large cross section of residential and commercial development is lying unused for long periods in a number of major towns. Similarly the demand for Chinese goods has contracted over the last 2 years.The Chinese investment in Us and European financial markets have been huge and value of such investment as well as return on these investment has become very low, putting pressure on Chinese economy. We have brought out the above as initial feeler and our research team is trying to find out further details. The readers
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