Saturday, October 15, 2011


The real issue of taking direct action against corrupt officials and simultaneously making policy and procedural changes to ensure eradication of corruption has given way to over active and over charged criminal prosecution agencies in CBI and Enforcement Directorate. The businessmen of the country are feeling not only helpless but also a sense of fear has spread among them. Rather than creating a fear among the guilty and corrupt officials and politicians, the government is stressing 2G issue in a wrong direction. It is completely unfair to keep senior professionals and businessman behind bar without finally establishing their criminal role in corrupt practices. We are living in a democracy and Indian tradition has been built on equity, fairness and ethics and we cannot forget our fundamental constitutional and traditional virtues of not punishing an innocent at any cost. An arrest without
established evidence, amount to punishing an innocent without guilt. We expect statesmanship from the top Indian leadership and cleanliness in public life has to be established by taking certain tough initiatives and by setting some examples. The bribery in private sector is an issue which
can be addressed by Corporate by inculcating Ethical values.


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