Friday, February 15, 2013

Young Chartered Accountants - New Age CAs, A New Age Power

The profession of chartered accountants has enrolled a large number of students in last 7 years and
accordingly the number of young bright students who are qualifying as chartered accountants has also grown significantly. This is being seen as a major challenge for the entire profession. We perceive this as a major opportunity not only for the profession, the young chartered accountants, and young C.A. students but also for the entire nation - our motherland INDIA. The entire world, including India has a great shortage of good accountants, more importantly good professional chartered accountants. India is growing at a fast pace and is likely to regain double digit growth, as we empower our young brigade of chartered accountants in right direction. The professional competence of Indian Chartered Accountants is not only in demand in India but is also having high potential internationally across the world. Most of the developed and developing nations have only few thousands or few hundreds chartered accountants or CPAs. The entire Middle East, South East, Africa, Europe and even American continent could be a very good market for Indian chartered accountants.

The Indian businesses are also looking forward to our profession for diversified areas of professional services as well as employment opportunities in varied fields. How to focus and ensure that we are able to meet the expectations of Indian economy as well as global requirements is what we need to strategize.

Growth Opportunity:

The growth opportunities exist in all the 3 areas to Indian chartered accountants, specially young dynamic, capable professionals:

  • Employment opportunities in service sector, industry, business, government and regulators;
  • Professional practice in traditional as well as non- traditional areas including creation of new businesses, resource raising, transaction advisory, international taxes, merger and acquisitions, tax, regulatory, legal, infrastructure projects, PPP projects, merchant banking, investment banking in India and overseas.
  • Entrepreneurship opportunities in real estate, infrastructure, technology, education, commodity, banking, insurance and so on. We will win with comprehensively concentrating on:
  • Skill - Skill development of highest order unmatchable to any other professionals, with target of a comprehensive in depth expert level of practical knowledge and skill.
  • Scale - Do not plan small, dream big and work hard to achieve.
  • Speed - The most important is to plan, organize, implement and monitor progress to ensure speed better than any one else. in the world by using technology, vibrant professionalism, innovation.
Branding :

It is very important to aggressively work on brand "Made in India" for the profession of chartered accountants by committing to the principles of -
  • Excellence
  • Zero Defect
  • P2 : Pro People
  • G2 : Good Governance

It is important to have an integrated approach, as being advocated by Mr. Narendra Modi in his address to SRCC on 6th February, 2013. (See

"Farm Fibre Fabric Fashion Foreign".

In respect of the profession, it really means capability to

deliver seamlessly tream lessly throughout entire value

chain of each business, industry, service sector, agriculture, government, regulator, judiciary and all other aspects. Indian chartered accountants are best in the world, what is needed is branding and positioning by packaging services with latest ultra modern presentation, communication and technology.


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