Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wealthy Investors under SEBI Scanner past

  • Penny Stocks 
Orders related to around 10 companies; 36 companies and 900 entities banned, estimated Revenue loss `20,000 crore.

  • SME Manipulation 
Passed order against four companies that raised `46.53 Crore through their public offerings of which `30.06 Crore, or 64.60% of Total IPO proceeds, were transferred back to all the entities.


  •   50 High Net Worth Individuals on radar for tax evasion; estimated loss worth `7-8,000
  •   Investors under the option segment to trade in illiquid stocks
  •  SEBI to pass order against these HNIs, a reference to be made to the Enforcement Directorate, Financial Intelligence Unit and Income Tax Department. 
  • SEBI to impose heavy fine from `5 Lakh to upto Rs. `Crore on all beneficiaries of manipulated capital liaisons. 


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