Sunday, June 15, 2014



  • The power sector has suffered badly in last 3 years due to coal linkage, non-payment by transmission and distribution state level electricity companies, non- disbursal of funds by lender, in respect of financial closure and a halt on further loan sanctions by banks and Institutions. It is important to address these issues.
  • The distribution and transmission can also be brought in public-private partnership, in terms of a revised model, in which the State government and Central government can hold at least 20% equity with a power to monitor diversion of funds by appointment of CFO and independent auditors.
  • Power may be allowed to be produced for captive consumption & also selling within one kilometer area freely without any license.
  • Industrial Centers: One Power Unit may be established in each Industrial Area – which can be responsible for providing quality power/power distribution network, maintenance of distribution, collection of bills and in case of power failure from Government, may generate power with efficient power generators and supply quality power to these industrial units.
  • Solar: All schools and public Institutions – should install or make arrangement with Solar Power Companies to establish SOLAR POWER UNITS on their roofs and they can supply additional power to nearby areas and recover revenues.
  • Residential Colony: Power distribution may be given to local distribution companies – for maintaining quality power supply round the clock and responsible for payment collections, maintenance of distribution lines and in case of Government power failure – may produce own power to maintain continuous supply of power to their respective areas/ users.

  • The approach of top management of National Highway Authority of India needs to be positive and practical.
  • There is no need to guarantee any return to the road developers.
  • The government needs to actively assist in procurement of land and removal of obstacles in implementation as a true partner.
  • The government can ensure financial monitoring by holding reasonable equity, appointing Chief Financial Officers and independent auditors.
  • The regulator can determine reasonable pricing of Toll Plaza.
  • The manipulation by related party transactions and over invoicing can be monitored by independent preventive audit and transparent reporting.


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