Sunday, June 15, 2014



The politicians can play very important role in the development and growth at all levels. It is important to develop respect and honour for politicians as a Class. The politicians need to monitor the working of the government at national level, state level, district level, taluka level and village panchayat level. All committees and decision making process in the government and semi government bodies need to have compulsory participation of elected representatives, representing the appropriate stake holders. This can ensure accountability of entire government structure including regulator towards the society, public and the economy. The current approach of taking all decisions only by professionals or bureaucrats and big stake holders, has not proved very successful. It is very important that all government bodies are responsive to the common man to meet the need to bring out an inclusive growth.


  • The government has announced its commitment to skill and scale. It is very important to develop and train highly skilled man power in various vocations, specialized occupations and professions.
  • At the same time, is also important to ensure that the hand workers also get their due share and reasonable level of earning and fair treatment including adequate social security and retirement benefits.
  • The mind workers have been able to clock a reasonably good growth rate in their earning levels and comparatively hand workers are still at a very low basic level.
  • The society need to plan its affairs as a Welfare State to ensure higher level of earnings, food, medical and clothing and all other facilities and a reasonably good standard of living to all members of the Indian society without any discrimination of cast, creed or religion. It is important to add that a special treatment for empowerment of backward and poor is an important continuing necessity of the nation.

  • The prosecution era during last 3 years, prosecuting, arresting and harassing businessmen, bankers, politicians and bureaucrats has vitiated the working atmosphere completely. All genuine policy and administrative decisions need to be respected except in case of clear-cut evidence of corruption where tough action should be taken.
  • The investigation by CBI, Enforcement Directorate, SEBI, RBI, IRDA, CCI, MCA and all other investigative agencies have to be kept completely and strictly confidential, till such time
  • the evidence collected are confidentially reviewed and approved by an Independent Judicial panel.
  • The arrest of any citizen of the country should be restricted only to heinous crimes or in matters of National safety & security, even at investigation stage.


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