Sunday, June 15, 2014



It is important to promote manufacturing by small and medium enterprises on one hand and large scale hi-tech manufacturing at highly competitive costs in all the areas where latest technology can be absorbed by India and specially in those areas where raw-material is available in abundance. The following important suggestions need consideration:

  • The development of industrial areas in barren and non-fertile land need to be initiated by active government support.
  • Roads and railway hi-tech network need to be established.
  • Ports, canals, waterways development need a long term visionary plan along with river linking projects.
  • The government clearances need to be faster, transparent and industry friendly. The number of approvals and laws need to be cut by 90%.
  • Availability of risk capital as well as reasonable cost borrowing is very important for gaining momentum in the manufacturing as well as service sector.

  • The development of innovative agriculture technology and latest equipment for ploughing and harvesting 
    are key to long term succ
  • Drip/Pulse irrigation need to be introduced at the behest of government. In case of PPP, 2 or 3 unit may be permitted in each block to achieve competitive pricing.
  • Full freedom to agriculturists and the public to sell the agricultural produce to anyone at any place. This will need complete freedom on interstate movement of agricultural goods and a wider network of agricultural marketing infrastructure, without any limit to sell in the local market.
  • The co-operative sector and corporate sector may be permitted to support farming with detailed
  • guidelines and protection of land owner, farmers and agricultural laborers.
  • To develop small and mid-size water bodies in all villages and talukas, besides development of large ponds and canals/check dams for storage of rain water and its use for irrigation need a comprehensive initiative.
  • Agriculture Consultancy to be developed and established at Block Level for analysis of land,
  • suggestions on fertilizer, insecticides and seeds and selection of best crops. The consultancy sector can be supported by Agricultural University experts. This can also provide sampling of seeds and equipment.
  • Food Processing Centers, Food Storage and complete cold chain can be developed with the support of public sector equity.


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