Monday, December 15, 2014

Clarification regarding availment of CENVAT credit after six months

It is clarified that in each of the below mentioned three situations, the limitation of six months would apply when the credit is taken for the first time. It would not apply for taking re-credit of amount reversed in case of the following:

  • If the payment of value of input service and service tax payable is not made within three months of date of invoice, bill or challan, then the CENVAT Credit availed is required to be paid back by the manufacturer or service provider. Subsequently, when such payment of value of input service and service tax is made, the amount so paid back can be re-credited.
  • According to Rule 3(5B) of CCR, 2004, if the value of any input or capital goods before being put to use on which CENVAT Credit has been taken, is written off or such provisions made in Books of Account, the manufacturer or service provider is required to pay an amount equal to credit so taken. However, when the inputs or capital goods are subsequently used, the amount so paid can be re-credited in the account.


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