Monday, January 16, 2017

Service-tax can't be levied on receipt of share in common expenses

The Supreme Court of India held that Where two assessees, namely, 'GSFC' and 'GACL' received acid through common pipeline from Reliance Industries and said acid came first to premises of 'GSFC', where handling facilities were installed, and from there it was shared between 'GSFC' and 'GACL' in ratio of 60:40 respectively and further by an agreement handling facilities expenditure was shared equally by both parties, payment of handling expenditure which was made by 'GACL' to 'GSFC' was share of 'GACL' and it could not be treated as common service provided by 'GFSC' to 'GACL' in order to levy service tax upon 'GSFC'.


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