Monday, May 16, 2016

Education Sector: Regulation and Development Need for a strategy

The Indian Education has developed leaps and bounds over last 2 decades without any major plan and Govt. policy guiding Regulation and Development. Education is a state subject even then the Central Government need to play an important role in providing affordable high quality education to all sections of society. The following issues and challenges are required to be addressed by State Government, Central Government and very importantly by the education sector itself.

  • Development and implementation of high standard education focused on capability development - CBSE and NCERT kind Institutions are needed not only for School education but also for University educations, Professional qualifications and Vocational.There is a need of the country for
  • Standard and Uniform level of course curriculum, delivery quality
  • National level common examination at all levels, to ensure National and International recognition, acceptability and mobility 
  • To consider permitting profit motive educational institutions without any concession in land prices and full taxation on their income and services. This will off course be subjected to regulation on quality, delivery, examination and reasonable profit margins. 
  • The charitable not for profit education societies enjoying concessional land and tax advantages need to be financially disciplined with a mandate of reasonable fee levels, engagement of high quality faculty by ensuring regulated minimum level of salary and perks through proper banking channels and permitting some profit margin to fund growth. No misuse or diversion can go on.
  • The admission process, criteria of local preferences, donations and capitation fee, reservation of corporate seats based on large financial considerations, charging and levying non transparent fees, charges and contributions are some areas of major challenges.
  • Minority educational institutions may also opt for main stream modern education and financial aid and support of Government with committed financial discipline, along with a freedom to preserve their specialties, values, culture and religious education.
  • The Government and Government aided educational institutions need a big focus on improving their infrastructure, delivery mechanism, quality of education and overall standards to attract all sections and classes of the society on one platform - paving way for major opportunities even for weaker and middle income group. Massive expansion and major financial allocation for such facilities is needed.
  • To examine based on detailed research, the impact and challenges faced by weaker section students being educated in high cost private schools based on mandatory reservation.
  • The IIT, IIM and other similar high level institutions - reasonable subsidized high quality education need to come with a commitment towards the country. India is training a majority of them at the cost of society and they join costly jobs internationally.
  • The engineering, Medical, MBA and similar private institutions and Universities need a deep high quality regulations and developmental support
  • Indian education at school level and also at higher level need to also concentrate on Indian Value System, culture, ethics, integrity, history and leadership traits. Team spirit and development of respect and tolerance for others' views and priorities is a major challenge.
Transparency in Financial Management and Education quality, Content and Delivery mechanism need Long term vision, Strategy, firm Commitment, Discipline and deep rooted hard work at all levels duly supported by Regulatory independent review and Developmental support.


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