Saturday, October 15, 2016

Notification exempts services by way of renting of precincts of a religious place meant for general public

Religious Place' has been defined in the notification to mean a place which is primarily meant for conduct of prayers or worship pertaining to a religion, meditation or spirituality. CBEC has directed that field formations may not take a restricted view of the word 'precincts' and consider all immovable property of the religious place located within the outer boundary walls of the complex (of buildings and facilities) in which the religious place is located, as being located in the precincts of the religious place. The immovable property located in the immediate vicinity and surrounding of the religious place and owned by the religious place or under the same management as the religious place, may be considered as being located in the precincts of the religious place and extended the benefit of exemption under Notification No. 25/2012- Service Tax, Sl. No. 5(a) dated 20.6.2012.


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